Meet The Artists

Paul Burcham / Las Vegas, Nevada

Paul is living proof that what happens in Vegas definitely shouldn’t stay there. He’s bringing a bit of Sin City’s glitz ‘n glam all the way to the Show-Me State to literally show us his spectacular spectacle crafted with a bunch of hunka-hunka burning love.

Mike Allen / Glasgow, Kentucky

Fireworks are a family affair for Mike, a backyard hobbyist who is lucky (he won Sky Wars VIP tickets), talented (he earned first place at MOPyro’s exclusive Blind Pyro competition), and one heck of a wonderful grandpa (or “BoomPa” in reference to the fiery flames that captivate his world.)

Brian Lewis / Branford, Florida

Brian is the king of pyro in his bright lights/little city world. Thousands flock to his annual New Year’s Eve hometown show to see what only he can bring to the table. Hint: it’s breathtaking!

Chris Stasey / Chalk Mountain, Texas

Cows and fireworks may not mix in these parts, but Chris sure makes it work in Texas. This fireworks guru has created a unique recipe for success when it comes to combining cattle side by side with his area’s largest fireworks festival held smack dab on his family’s 100-year-old ranch.

Tyler Cole / Hughesville, Maryland

As the youngest “Meet the Maker” in Sky Wars’ history (a mere 24-years-old!), Tyler brings a whole lot of this and a little bit of that to our competition. Don’t believe us? Oh, just you wait!

Aaron Mayfield / Buffalo, Missouri

Aaron’s life and love story are matches made in heaven. He discovered fireworks at the age of three, met his wife – a leading female fireworks shell creator – on eharmony, and is one of the last firework manufacturers left in the U.S. Quite an interesting fella!

Bill Corbett / Memphis, Tennessee

When the MVP of the fireball world says he’s going to break a world record, you don’t ask questions. You just give Bill the space and the gas and the audience…and then stand back in utter amazement as you watch it miraculously unfold.

Ellery Ho / Fort Wayne, Indiana

Back for an encore performance following his 2020 Sky Wars Pro Am debut, Ellery warns that this year’s unlimited show will keep you on your toes (hey, he is a podiatrist by day) and feeling hot hot hot!