Meet The 2020 Artists

2020 Pro-Am Competition Displays

2020 Champion

Scott Smith (Cedar Hill, MO)

There’s nothing like sharing a hobby with your kids.  Some enjoy fishing or playing golf together; others devote their shared time to cooking or horseback riding.  But not Scott Smith.  His all-in-the-family passion is pyrotechnics.

Jim Priebe (Liberty, MO)

Music.  Lights.  Magic.  Jim has a knack for theatrics when he fuses fireworks with his fascination for sound.

Ellery Ho (Fort Wayne, IN)

Podiatrist by day.  Pyrotechnician by night.  Ellery has what it takes to get your feet moving and your heart pumping from his combustible creations of electrifying beauty.

2020 1.4G Unlimited Display

Bo Domescick (Dayton, Ohio )

He writes.  He sings.  He produces.  Bo is a triple threat that blazes both on the fireworks field and in the recording studio.

2020 Professional Displays

Tim Traphagen (Indiannapolis, IN) w/ Casabella Pyrotechnics

This former 911 police dispatcher turned full-time pyro is ready to give you the 411 on his upcoming sizzling-hot show.

Dan Haines (Columbia, MO) w/ Spirit of ’76 Fireworks

This serial tech-savvy pyro pledges his allegiance to a lifestyle that literally oozes with living, breathing blasts of “holy cow!”

Tim Jameson (Hughesville, MD) w/ IPC Displays

Industry legend Tim Jameson shot this year’s final pyromusical which, according to our Sky Wars experts, is like “giving the ball to the immortal Michael Jordan to close out the game.” 

2020 Fireballs!

Bill Corbett w/ Fireball Dudes (Memphis, TN)

If you’re looking for advice about gasoline fireballs, then go to our pyro world’s “Dear Abby” for guidance.  You have questions?  Bill has answers.

2020 National Anthem Display

Missouri Pyrotechnics Association

We kick off each Sky Wars show with a 21 Gun Salute, dedicated to active and past military members and first responders, and our National Anthem. Both are prepared by members of the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MOpyro).

Additional 2020 Displays

Exhibition Shells

Archers' Wedding Anniversary 'Shell'ibration

David Barrett Memorial Shell

Thompsons' Surprise Wedding Celebration

2020 Blind Pyro Competition Displays

About the Blind Pyro Competition at Sky Wars: A high-adrenaline race to the finish line and an exclusive treat for the pyro community, Sky Wars organizers host what we call a ‘Blind Pyro’ competition on the Friday night before Saturday’s public display each year. This unique competition is a lot like the popular culinary show “Chopped” – competitors (pyro teams of up to 5 members) are each given a mystery pile of 1.4g fireworks and 4 hours to create a display. Each teams’ display is then presented that evening to backstage pyro pass holders. Though this event is not open to the public, the videos can be enjoyed courtesy of Firecat8.

Blind Pyro Team 1

Blind Pyro Team 2

Blind Pyro Team 3

Blind Pyro Team 4 (Winner)