Meet The Artists

Scott Smith – Pro Am “Championship of Champions” (2020 Winner / 2023 Champion)

A wicked talent for harnessing the power of music in fireworks choreography has taken Scott from backyard shows to Sky Wars championships. Alongside his ‘Not My Show’ crew and his ‘secret weapon’ family, Scott’s ready to take on this year’s competition.

Mike Allen – Pro Am “Championship of Champions” (2022 Pro Am Winner)

Fireworks are a family affair and a fascinating subject for Mike, a backyard hobbyist turned first-place Sky Wars champion and one heck of a wonderful grandpa (or “BoomPa” in reference to the fiery flames that captivate his world.)

AJ Plata – Pro Am “Championship of Champions” (2021 Pro Am Winner)

AJ is back for more! From childhood fireworks antics and a small-town-turned-annual-event show to Sky Wars Championship of Champions, our 2021 Pro-Am winner is ready to rock.

Brandon Williams – 1.4 Unlimited

Dreams have become a reality for Brandon, an e-firing fireworks fanatic with roots as a pyro kid from Indiana. Prepare to be inspired when he and his team light up the night in this year’s Unlimited display!

Donnie Toms – Pro Division (2023 Winner)

A longtime backyard enthusiast turned pro shooter, Donnie’s avid participation in his local pyro club and appreciation for the theatrical side of fireworks has earned him and his team a slot in our highly anticipated 2023 Pro displays.

Tim Traphagan – Pro Division

Meet comeback kid Tim, a self-taught pyro and 6-time Sky Wars pyro-ticipant ready to paint the sky at this year’s Pro Display competition.

David Anglin – Pro Division

A pyro his entire professional career, David is ready to bring out the big guns and try some new things in this year’s Pro competition.

Bill Corbett / Memphis, Tennessee

The MVP of the fireball world is back at it again! Bill and the Fireball Dudes are ready to turn up the heat with their MASSIVE signature gasoline fireballs.