AJ Plata

Meet the Makers
Check out AJ – a small town boy bringing his big time show to the Lou – and learn how a YouTube phenom/Sky Wars alum made AJ serious for some sis-boom-bah.

AJ Plata
Sandwich, Illinois

AJ’s Story
Living in the town of Sandwich with only 8,500 people, AJ has made his mark there and elsewhere.  What started in 2012 as a little family show at his brother and sister-in-law’s home in Atalissa, Iowa (population 200) has evolved into an annual town event.  

AJ works as a hospital plumber, but his true love is putting on this monstrous spectacle the week before the Fourth of July that all began in a backyard then moved to bigger space in town near the fire department.  This year AJ’s “hobby” will take place in a huge open field to accommodate visitors from near and far.  Thanks to the town folks’ donations and business sponsors, AJ’s show has all the fireworks needed to literally light up the land.

AJ’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
Growing up in Illinois where fireworks were and are still illegal, AJ still got his hands on some at the age of 10 years old.  He scrounged up his lunch money and bought everything from ground blooms to bottle rockets from a neighbor.

AJ’s Pyromusical Music Selection
AJ sure likes the rock/metal genre, but he confided that he has the perfect tune for this year’s show—a mix of rock with an orchestrated/film score style cover song selected because “this kind of music speaks to me.”

He admits his love of pyromusicals is thanks to Sky War’s participant Bo Domescik, whose out-of-the-norm style and music selection inspired AJ.  Seeing Bo’s shows throughout the years on his YouTube channel, particularly his 2018 show, ignited the fire in AJ to expand his own shows. 

AJ’s Best Sky Wars Memory
“I attended my first show in 2019.  I knew that—before the first show of the night was over—I wanted to attempt a show of this caliber because the sheer size and intensity was amazing!”

P.S.  AJ worked on Bo’s crew last year, and this year Bo is going to return the favor.

P.P.S.  AJ confessed that “Bo made me go broke” because he sparked a new style and love for fireworks that required all new “very expensive” equipment.

AJ’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
Exciting, dramatic, and vibrant.

The Emotion AJ Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show

Check out the drone footage of AJ’s 2020 Atalissa fireworks extravaganza. Yowza!