Ellery Ho

Meet the Makers
Podiatrist by day.  Pyrotechnician by night.  Ellery has what it takes to get your feet moving and your heart pumping from his combustible creations of electrifying beauty.

Ellery Ho | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ellery’s Background
On a magical Fourth of July only six years ago, Ellery was smitten by the night’s lights.  So he set out on a quest to learn more about pyromusicals, something he thought only the professionals could create, and he was hooked.  Ellery binge watched YouTube videos of backyard amateurs and thought “why can’t I do that for next year?”  And then he did.

Ellery’s Story
Pyromusicals are complex creatures, but Ellery says today’s electronic firing systems and scripting software make the concept user-friendly enough that anyone can put on a great show (we disagree with Ellery because he is one talented dude!) As a podiatrist at nursing home facilities, he delights in synchronizing music with fireworks in a very methodical manner.   

Ellery’s 2020 Show
He works long and hard to mesh pyro with significant beats and lyrics of the music.  Nothing is random with Ellery’s pyromusicals.  He says that, “wherever I place product in the script, I want it to be there for a reason.”  This is his first time shooting lead at Missouri Pyrotechnics Association’s Sky Wars (he served as a crew member at last year’s show), and he is excited for the opportunity to showcase his skills.  He did share this year’s toe-tapping music selection—”The Rains of Castamere” from Game of Thrones and “Black Parade” from My Chemical Romance—to prepare you for his show that is just around the corner.

Ellery’s Advice for Aspiring Pyros
“Do not procrastinate.  It leads to mistakes.”