Bo Domescik

Meet the Makers
He writes.  He sings.  He produces.  Bo is a triple threat that blazes both on the fireworks field and in the recording studio.

Bo Domescik | Dayton, Ohio

Bo’s Background
Fireworks run in Bo’s bloodline thanks to his Dad’s nearly five decades of pyro involvement in backyard fireworks.  According to Bo, “fireworks are a family love” in his world.  He started shooting fireworks only a decade ago, which quickly led to his interest in show choreography and becoming a member of the Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (OPAG).  Five years ago he saw Sky Wars and was literally blown away. 

Bo’s Story
By day Bo is a field sales rep in the electronics industry but by night he is one busy guy:  a pyrotechnician, show designer, and a long-time musician (singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer.)  He reached out to Sky Wars when his annual “Light Up The Lake” in a private East St. Louis lake community show was recently cancelled due to COVID-19.

Bo’s 2020 Show Breakdown
Original song creation:  Bo recently wrote, sang and produced the song “This Heart of Fire” that will synchronize with this year’s fireworks’ show (last year he produced his very first pyro rock song titled “Neon Skies” but didn’t sing on the song track.)  Look out, Mick Jagger.  Bo knows fireworks!

Show design:  A total of 60 hours from start to finish.

Field positions Fireworks will be shot from 12 to 15 different positions based on the Sky Wars’ massive field size (FYI:  his lake show typically only goes up from three launch positions!)

Set-up:  Three days of on-site help from nearly 15 volunteers with OPAG and sister clubs Northeast

Ohio Pyrotechnics Group and Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild.

Cost:  $9,000 worth of fireworks product.

Final Creation:  A total original pedal-to-the-medal sight and sound experience that you’ll never forget!

Bo’s Advice For Aspiring Pyros

“First, always learn from what you did the last time around.  Every experience you have as a pyro is a chance to continue learning and creating new efficiencies in your workflow.  After a show, I like to sit down and reflect on how the show can be improved upon so that it will be even better next time around.

The second thing:  find new ways to use the fireworks and your style tendencies to express yourself and your abilities to your audience.  New product (pyro) advancements (by some truly great manufacturers) make having the tools to craft THE perfect experiences right at your fingertips both efficiently and safely.  Get to know those tools and your music to shape the experience they’ll never forget!”