Chris Stasey

Meet the Makers
Cows and fireworks may not mix in these parts, but Chris sure makes it work in Texas. This fireworks guru has created a unique recipe for success when it comes to combining cattle side by side with his area’s largest fireworks festival held smack dab on his family’s 100-year-old ranch.

Chris Stasey
Chalk Mountain, Texas 

Chris’s Story
Chris’s pyro journey began when a co-worker introduced him to electrical matches in the late ‘90s. 

He later started North Texas Pyrotechnics in 2017 as a side gig, eventually growing the company into a full-time career. Before that, Chris was a software developer for 21 years but retired a few years ago to focus on his pyro path. Lucky dude!

Chris lives on his family’s 1,100-acre ranch that his great-great-granddad bought in 1905. It’s the perfect site for his Lone Star Fireworks Festival, a “much smaller scale Sky Wars-type show” where 100% of net proceeds go to Foster’s Home for Children. This year’s upcoming October 15 event will once again include an invitation to the children from the Foster’s Home who benefit from Chris’s giving nature (last year the festival donated $9,500 to the nonprofit.)

Chris’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
When Chris was seven, he went on a two-week trip with his dad who was on a traveling softball league. His dad gave him $20 to spend on anything he wanted during that time. Somewhere in Missouri on a hot August day, Chris said they kept passing these huge fireworks tents (he had never seen anything like it before in Texas.) Chris had only one dollar and one day left before the trip ended. He asked for – and received – an additional $20 from his dad to buy a sackful of fireworks. He remembers being in absolute heaven when he got back home to shoot these special fireworks, especially since you can only purchase fireworks in Texas for New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July.

Chris‘s 2022 Show
He said pyromusicals aren’t really a thing in Texas, so his municipal shows are a pretty big deal in his hometown. Chris attended Sky Wars in 2017, and he is excited to shoot a show where the audience is up close and can personally see his magic. He teams up with his wife Beth, a licensed shooter and Missouri native, on the music and looks forward to bringing his crew from Texas to light up the Missouri skies.

Chris’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Chris likes it all: single shot comets and mines, big shells, and fireballs. Be prepared for a smorgasbord of beauty.

Chris’s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
Whatever it takes.

Take a glimpse at Chris’s video from last year’s family reunion. Oh, to be his relative or lucky enough to be a neighbor!