Brian Lewis

Meet the Makers
Brian is the king of pyro in his bright lights/little city world. Thousands flock to his annual New Year’s Eve hometown show to see what only he can bring to the table. Hint: it’s breathtaking!

Brian Lewis
Branford, Missouri

Brian’s Story
Born in the small town of Branford (population: 711), Brian is definitely a big fireworks fish in a little pyro pond. Five years ago, he “went all out” and invited hundreds of friends over for a massive Fourth of July show…and it was love at first light for all who attended. 

He moved his show to New Year’s Eve because Florida summers equal excessive rain, which doesn’t mix well with his fireworks celebrations. The last three years Brian’s December 31 show has been (wait for it) legendary!  More than 3,500 people attend the free event held at his church’s 100-acre field. Brian – who owns a North Florida insurance agency – also shoots the town’s high school athletic events and dances, but his main focus is the end-of-year show that his town has come to know and love.

Brian’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
His latest and greatest New Year’s Eve show used 2,100 wires and was shot to some jam-worthy Electric Light Orchestra tunes. Brian has 101 modules* (that’s a lot!) compared to most pyros who stick with less than 10.

*Modules are responsible for firing fireworks that are connected to a “cue” on the firing module using an e-match or igniter clip. When the “cue” fires, electricity is sent through the cue which lights the fuse and causes the firework to ignite.

Brian’s 2022 Show
He has lots of ideas that are extremely hush-hush, but Brian did share one: he plans to try things “I have never done before.” He said he will need at least five crew members – including his 23-year-old son Landen and his wife Letitia – to shoot his pyromusical masterpiece.

Brian admits he has never been part of a competition like Sky Wars where there are multiple people shooting at the same time. Needless to say, he is stoked to participate and hopefully win the competition.

Brian’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Brian is all about angles and attempting to do things he has never done before. Letitia handles the musical component of all pyromusicals, which must have distinct beats instead of just constant sound to create the best results. 

Brian’s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
His four words – “It’s not a game” – are Brian’s mantra because you can “play around and halfway do something or you can do it right.” By the way, he’s definitely bringing his A-game to Sky Wars.

Brian shared one of his favorite New Year’s shows…and it’s a doozy guaranteed to make you smile.