Paul Burcham

Meet the Makers
Paul is living proof that what happens in Vegas definitely shouldn’t stay there. He’s bringing a bit of Sin City’s glitz ‘n glam all the way to the Show-Me State to literally show us his spectacular spectacle crafted with a bunch of hunka-hunka burning love.

Paul Burcham
Las Vegas, Nevada

Paul’s Story
Growing up literally 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Paul remembers seeing firsthand the most magnificent fireworks extravaganzas shot every Fourth of July. 

Paul became pyro-serious in 2011 when he attended his first professional training class and learned from one of the area’s best. His daytime job – he is currently in sales at a Mazda dealership after working as a corrections officer and caseworker for many years – doesn’t stop him from stepping out into the night for some fireworks fun.  

Paul’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
Paul is hooked on creating consumer-only product show memories for one and all. He travels to pyrotechnic events to curate consumer fireworks from multiple vendors to build pyromusicals for his fellow local pyro enthusiasts. Another feather in his cap: he is responsible for producing a Blackjack Fireworks’ demo finale in a small town outside of Vegas called Pahrump. He said each new show and experience is “his new favorite fireworks memory.”

Paul’s 2022 Show
He leans toward inspirational music with a message. Paul aims to encourage the crowd to “rise up and do something cool” in their worlds. He plans to fill the entire field with fireworks galore thanks to his team of five who are spread throughout the country but looking forward to September. Paul confesses that the toughest part about creating his magical pyromusical: handling the logistics and prepping product for Sky Wars, which is 1,600 miles from his home sweet home. 

Paul’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Being a Vegas native, Paul likes a lot of gold (think oodles of strobes and heaps of glitter.) He’s ready to sprinkle plenty of the gold stuff throughout his show based upon the message he wants to convey. Big hint: Paul likes to pump up his crowd viva Las Vegas style, so be prepared to swing and sway to the music.

Paul’s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
Powerful, motivational, and energizing.

Here’s a recent show Paul created that lit up the night for miles and miles.