Bill Corbett

Meet the Makers
When the MVP of the fireball world says he’s going to break a world record, you don’t ask questions. You just give Bill the space and the gas and the audience…and then stand back in utter amazement as you watch it miraculously unfold.

Bill Corbett
Memphis, Tennessee

Bill‘s Story
Bill and his Fireball Dudes have always been a featured highlight at Sky Wars. The only difference from then to now: his fireballs have gotten bigger and hotter (and even better!) What started as a hobby two decades ago has grown into a full-out blaze of glory for this show-stealing fireball sensation…and Bill’s aw-shucks Southern charm definitely adds to the appeal. 

By day Bill works as a full-time boiler plant operator at a Memphis hospital. By night he works part-time and year-round for High Tech Special Effects ( He has many claims to fame in the pyro world. He’s known for his labor-intensive wall of fire that genuinely lights up the land. His old-fashioned steam train wreck – which starts from far left plus far right and sends the flames quickly to the middle to collide – is another crowd favorite. Bill makes it all possible with the 100 fireball mortars he has built and accumulated throughout the years.

Bill’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
Bill remembers one Sky Wars show years ago that still generates a hearty chuckle. Back then the crowds were smaller and a whole lot closer to the main action. It was starting to sprinkle, so a lot of the audience were wearing those cheap $1 rain ponchos to stay dry. Bill launched his epic wall of fire, and he said you could actually see a shock wave from the fireballs that made the ponchos start flapping in the breeze. After the show, Bill was told that the ponchos “actually did a shrink wrap on the people in the front row – they didn’t melt, but they got tighter on the people wearing them.” Too bad the show had to end abruptly due to the rain because, oh, what a very funny sight that would have been to see!

Bill‘s 2022 Show
This year’s world record breaking fireball shot at a fireworks event will incorporate a total of more than 1,231 gallons of gas (that’s the largest Bill has shot to date.) His masterpiece will contain at least 1,300 gallons of gas, last at least 20 seconds long, and encompass the entire width of the 600’ wide by 600’ tall Sky Wars field. His dedicated crew of eight is ready, set, going to make it happen!

Bill’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Everyone loves Bill’s super nuke, a large explosion that includes a huge fireball and some fireworks for an added flare. Sky Wars crowds get to experience Bill’s masterpieces only 500 feet away, so you definitely feel the heat. Their life isn’t very long, some lasting only 10 to 15 seconds, but it gets the hearts pumping of photographers waiting to take a pic of the gloriousness. 

Bills Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
According to Bill, his audience – plus anyone who is lucky enough to push the button to launch the fireball – says the same ol’ thing every time: “Do it again!”

An electrifying compilation of Bill’s famous fireballs last year is guaranteed to make you feel smack dab in the heat of the moment.