Ellery Ho

Meet the Makers
Back for an encore performance following his 2020 Sky Wars Pro Am debut, Ellery warns that this year’s unlimited show will keep you on your toes (hey, he is a podiatrist by day) and feeling hot hot hot!

Ellery Ho
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ellery‘s Story
Whether you are an amateur or professional, everyone needs help setting up and tearing down their shows…so that’s what Ellery did. He took this hands-on approach when learning about the pyro world, quickly developing the skills and connections to focus on fireworks. 

While he says it’s a lot of fun helping others create their shows, Ellery admits nothing beats the scripting and designing of your very own creation.

Fun fact: You can find Ellery’s pyromusical masterpieces on YouTube under Tong Po Pyro, the name of a villain in the martial arts movie “Kickboxer” starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Ellery shares that the film was one of his favorites as a kid growing up in the ‘80s. 

Ellery’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
He admits his 2020 Sky Wars show is his most treasured memory…but added that will change at this year’s 9.24.2022 show. Ellery confided he is grateful to Sky Wars for giving him the opportunity to create a show of this size in front of 10,000+ people because he never ever would be able to do this back home.

Ellery‘s 2022 Show
This year Ellery will use music by his favorite band The Warning, which is an up-and-coming group of three sisters from Monterrey Mexico that he thinks most will not recognize. Ellery’s advice: Get to know his two song choices – “Evolve” and their rendition of “Enter Sandman” – before September.

Ellery’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Ellery likes to find words in songs that can be represented by fireworks. He cites “Enter Sandman” as the perfect example. This song includes the words “eye,” “hand,” “dragon’s fire,” “light,” and “night”, so Ellery will use specific fireworks and techniques to best represent these lyrics.

Ellery‘s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
Warning, rock, and the most important word: ME (“it’s 100% my design and creation.”)

Here’s a beautifully touching pyromusical that Ellery created for his nephew’s 2021 high school graduation party.