Tyler Cole

Meet the Makers
As the youngest “Meet the Maker” in Sky Wars’ history (a mere 24-years-old!), Tyler brings a whole lot of this and a little bit of that to our competition. Don’t believe us? Oh, just you wait!

Tyler Cole
Hughesville, Maryland

Tyler’s Story
Tyler’s love for fireworks began at a very young age when he would save up his money to buy an assortment of fireworks. His family would shoot small hand-lit shows with his stash, but he said that product was nothing like what is available today. 

In 2018 Tyler was introduced to Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts (IPC) owner Tim Jameson and shot his first e-fired pyromusical that same year for his family’s Fourth of July gathering. (They were simply awestruck by his efforts that synchronized both music and fireworks for their first-time viewing pleasure.) Since then, Tyler has remained by Tim’s side as a part-time pyro – even working with him on the 2020 Sky Wars finale – and calls him an “awesome teacher and mentor.” Tyler is also a C-17 Load Master with the U.S. Air Force. 

Tyler’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
Tyler fondly recalls his first-ever real show with Tim and IPC ( at the Kris Kringle Christmas Market fair in 2018 because “it got me started into everything.” He saw his very first pyromusical along with single shots synced to the music. Another highlight from the fair: he hand lit a 3” shell for the first time…and it took his breath away.

Tyler’s 2022 Show
Tyler is bringing his creativity and ingenuity to the table along with help from his IPC crew of 10. He’s looking forward to doing it all – from the logistics of transporting fireworks product from Maryland to music and scripting – and is extremely excited to be one of the first competitors in this new event. 

Tyler’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
Tyler’s music is the most important element of his shows. He meshes songs with scripts to bring out the music’s beauty, hoping to grab the crowd’s attention from the get-go and then leading them on an emotional roller coaster until the final firework bursts in the sky. He plans to create a single effect finale and avoid “sky puke,” which is industry lingo for just a bunch of random fireworks.

Tyler‘s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
Thrilling, powerful, and eccentric.

Tyler helped script this not-so-silent night pyromusical experience guaranteed to bring goosebumps to your universe.