Meet The Makers

Pro-Am Competition

AJ Plata / Sandwich, Illinois

Check out AJ – a small town boy bringing his big time show to the Lou – and learn how a YouTube phenom/Sky Wars alum made AJ serious for some sis-boom-bah.

James Howard / San Antonio, Texas

If what they say is true—that everything is bigger in Texas—then y’all better get ready for one heavy-duty show that James is fixin’ to share.

Scott Schuh / Neenah, Wisconsin

What started as backyard fireworks magic for Scott has evolved into an abracadabra sensation that would astonish even Harry Potter.

1.4g Unlimited Display

Steve Hinkle / Delphi, Indiana

Steve’s invitingly Energizer Bunny show (it keeps going…and going…and going) makes you feel all the feels, hear all the hears, and see all the sees you never thought were even possible.


Bill Corbett / Memphis, Tennessee

That Southern drawl.  That laid-back attitude.  You would think Bill’s personality just couldn’t jive with the singe-your-eyebrows type of heat his freakishly massive fireballs bring to Sky Wars.  But it does.  It definitely does.

Professional Displays

James Keomongkhon / Wakarusa, Indiana

James is ready to put some feel good in your soul, a little light into your night…and a whole lotta sparkle into your celebration. 

Tim Traphagan / Lanesville, Indiana

Tim’s “sit right back and enjoy the view” approach is your personal invitation to one enchanted evening…and one glorious show.

Dan Haines / Columbia, Missouri

Dan generates shows that are like a hot knife through butter:  immediately gratifying, smooth as silk, and positively easy on the senses.