Bill Corbett

Meet the Makers
That Southern drawl.  That laid-back attitude.  You would think Bill’s personality just couldn’t jive with the singe-your-eyebrows type of heat his freakishly massive fireballs bring to Sky Wars.  But it does.  It definitely does.

Bill Corbett
Memphis, Tennessee

Bill’s Story
Less than 20 years ago Bill got the fever for infernos.  The literal sign he saw on a road trip – a huge trailer promoting a pyrotechnic company – was the sweet escape he needed from his stressful world.  

His quest for more fireworks in his diet ignited, later leading him down the road to High Tech Special Effects ( located in his small town of Bartlett, Tenn.  Even today Bill works part-time and year-round for High Tech in addition to his full-time boiler plant operator job at a Memphis hospital.

Bill is a stay-in-the-background type of guy…until his world-famous fireballs take center stage.  While Bill has participated in 500 indoor and outdoor fireworks shows during the last 20 years, he’s fine with “letting others move forward with their high-quality technology and fireworks equipment.”  His job (according to Bill):  to keep the crowd warmed up and entertained in between shows.

Bill’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
During his youth, Bill would travel over the Mississippi River into West Memphis, Arkansas since fireworks were illegal in his Memphis hometown.  That’s where his Dad would purchase $10 worth of fireworks just for his son, including a Whistling Jupiter – a 25¢ thin bottle rocket with a plastic launch pad that soared really high and whistled even louder.  

Once when 10-year-old Bill ran out of his favorite fireworks, he hopped on his bike, crossed over the river on a barely used bridge covered with dense “Tarzan movie cobwebs,” purchased a new stash with his own $8, and happily pedaled home.  As he describes the memorable 30-mile round trip excursion, Bill said he “can still smell the firecrackers right now as I tell the story.”

Bill’s Pyromusical Music Selection
In addition to the song “Fireball” by Pitbull, he uses hits by Saliva – a Memphis rock band formed in Bill’s neck of the woods – including “Click Click Boom” and “Ladies and Gentlemen” that includes the lyrics “…a feast for your eyes to see, an explosion of catastrophe.”

Bill’s Best Sky Wars Memory
Last year the Fireball Dudes shot a 500-gallon fireball in “a different way that’s going to be my trade secret.”  According to Bill, this one was three times bigger than his crew has ever created in its history.

Bill’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
His most often audience request: “Do it again!”

he Emotion Bill Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show 

Watch Bill’s slow-mo video to see what happens when he combines 125 pounds of walnut flour with 30 gallons of gasoline: