James Keomongkhon

Meet the Makers
James is ready to put some feel good in your soul, a little light into your night…and a whole lotta sparkle into your celebration.  

James Keomongkhon
Wakarusa, Indiana

James’s Story
It takes two, baby, and this dream duo of James and pyro partner David Anglin from Mishawaka (wow, Indiana cities are tough to say and spell!) is bringing it all – imagination, fire power…the works!

With a background in electronic engineering – he has been a lead shooter at RKM Fireworks for the past 12 years – James adds the artistry while David – a fireworks truck driver – focuses on the show’s programming.  Together they create a script that is downright stunning.

Be prepared for this partnership to dazzle and delight much like other well-known buddies (think Ben & Jerry, Kirk and Spock, Batman and Robin.  You get the picture…and you won’t be disappointed.)

James’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
Growing up in Milwaukee where the laws weren’t too strict, James would sit on a fence only a couple hundred feet from the fireworks.  “I was just seven years old and, while most kids were scared, I wanted to be close to those super-loud bursts where you actually felt the fireworks going off.  I was hooked.”

James’s Pyromusical Music Selection
James said their show will “throw in fun songs with a twist,” creating an upbeat mix that doesn’t specifically focus on genre or artist.

James’s Best Sky Wars Memory
Both boys had their first experience in 2015 when they worked on the RKM crew.  David’s best memory:  He met his future wife Amanda at the show!  “She and her Dad had traveled to Sky Wars with our local fireworks club.  I looked up, saw her, and said ‘dibs’ to James.  FYI:  James was the best man at their wedding, and now Amanda’s Dad is going to be on their crew this year.  You can’t make this stuff up!

James’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
Excitement, exhilaration, and elation.

The Emotion James Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show 
Euphoria or EU4IA.

No need to go further if you’re looking for some fireworks-powered fun courtesy of James and David: