Dan Haines

Meet the Makers
Dan generates shows that are like a hot knife through butter:  immediately gratifying, smooth as silk, and positively easy on the senses.

Dan Haines
Columbia, MO

Dan’s Story
Dan has been kicking up the pyro heat since his first summer job right out of high school in 2004.  That’s when he worked for Stellar Fireworks, an international award-winning display company, and met his longtime pyromusical partner in crime Andy Nguyen.

Today Dan works for Spirit of ’76 (, utilizing his know-how for its customized ’76 Pro Line brand geared toward professional shooters, choreographers, and display companies. This year Dan and Andy—who is now the proud owner of Stellar Fireworks based in Wichita, Kansas—plan to coordinate their talents on a Sky Wars show for the second consecutive year.  Their joint effort is an easy like Sunday morning collaboration but with a whole lot of Whoa, Nelly! for the eyes and ears.  According to Dan, their no-holding back Sky Wars finale will leave fans grinning from ear to ear.

Dan’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
Even though he grew up in Kansas, Dan said he and his Dad would drive to Missouri to buy their fireworks (“it’s a much more fireworks-friendly state.”)  His Dad created shows for their small farming town of Garden Plain, Kansas (population: 300ish) while 10-year-old Dan watched and learned but didn’t “officially legally” shoot with him until turning 18.  The citywide event, complete with a parade, drew up to seven neighboring towns because the show was quite the sensation.

Dan’s Pyromusical Music Selection
Mysteriously reserved, all Dan will share is their hush-hush mix of music is guaranteed to “go in different directions.”  Dan admits he is “more excited about this show compared to any we’ve ever done before,” but that’s all he’ll reveal.  

Dan’s Best Sky Wars Memory
Dan fondly remembers his first Sky Wars show in 2013, which was also his first ever KCAP (Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians) club show.  “Sky Wars brings together some of the most talented people in the industry, and we’re always trying to outdo each other…making for many unforgettable experiences.”

Dan’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
Artistic, innovative, and unforgettable.

he Emotion Dan Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show 

Take a trip down memory lane with this 2020 Sky Wars wrap-up video created by Dan’s Spirit of ’76 teammate Sam: