Steve Hinkle

Meet the Makers
Steve’s invitingly Energizer Bunny show (it keeps going…and going…and going) makes you feel all the feels, hear all the hears, and see all the sees you never thought were even possible.

Steve Hinkle
Delphi, Indiana

Steve’s Story
What began as a fireworks hand-firing hobby evolved into a fusing passion that escalated into a full-on firing system spectacular.  Steve’s first pyromusical paid tribute to his dad, honoring his passing in the grandest way possible.  After that experience, his pyro career became downright combustible.

Steve joined forces with neighbor/coworker John Ragan 11 years ago to create mainly backyard private shows.  They have worked with Sky Wars’ alum Tim Traphagan and Casabella Pyrotechnics – in 2020 Steve joined the company’s crew (as a lead shooter) that created eight shows in the City of Owensboro in Kentucky with seven land locations throughout the city and one location on the Ohio river.  Steve works as a pack ship operator while John works as a mobile equipment operator at an industrial company, but that’s just during the day.  Steve and John continue to light up the night sky at their annual backyard exhibition that starts with a big cook out and ends with a 20-minute pyromusical showcasing their electrifying talents.

Steve’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
Visiting his uncle in Minnesota at the age of 10 years old, Steve remembers the beautiful fireworks show shot right off the river.  He was so close to the action that he can recount all the details, including nearby car alarms going off.

Steve’s Pyromusical Music Selection
While he loves the classic rock beats, Steve is starting to use some hardstyle techno music (highlights synthesizer melodies plus features a big combination of percussion and bass) for bits and pieces in this year’s show because it gets “big reactions but you can’t handle a lot of this type of music.”

Steve’s Best Sky Wars Memory
His first time was in 2019 where he helped with both the Unlimited and the “Championship of Champions” shows.  Steve loved meeting the pyros and sharing knowledge with these experts.

Steve’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
Exuberating, exhilarating, and elated.

The Emotion Steve Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show 
“To feel like they just saw a show they will talk about for years to come.”

Steve is taking his time and just moving along with this classic 2018 demo: