Jim Priebe

Meet the Makers
Music.  Lights.  Magic.  Jim has a knack for theatrics when he fuses fireworks with his fascination for sound. 

Jim Priebe | Liberty, Missouri

Jim’s Background
The pyro bug bit Jim only eight years ago when he saw a YouTube video called “Rock Loves Pyromusical” from a 2012 Pyro Fest in Pennsylvania.  When he learned it was possible to combine his love for music with his love for fireworks, he was smitten from that moment on.  Jim then joined the Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP) where he received lots of mentoring for the craft, and today he reciprocates that wisdom with gusto (plus he serves as their Safety Officer.)

Jim is an administrator for Pyro Universe, a private Facebook group with more than 8,000 members from all over the world.  Its mission:  to educate pyro-loving members about the safe use of their shared passion. 

Jim’s Story
Music has been part of Jim’s world from the beginning:  his mom is a retired professional violinist and musical educator, and his dad was a gifted vocalist.  While he started college as a music major, he later studied to become an occupational therapist.  Both his job and pyro hobby (plus six grandchildren) keep him very, very busy.

Jim’s 2020 Show
Jim is extremely hush hush about his upcoming show’s secret weapon:  the music.  He will only say the tunes will be “new and uniquely unusual” compared to his competitors.  His show category—he will be competing in the ProAm competition—is limited by time (his will be six and a half minutes), price (approximately $2,500 work of fireworks) and product (only 30 cases total per entrant.)  The case contents vary, but Jim plans on utilizing plenty of comets (a single shot out of a tube with a long tail) and mines (bright clusters of color that shoot up from the ground to around 40 to 50 feet high.) 

He estimates at least a dozen people will help set up his biggest show to date but knows that, due to KCAP’s active membership, there will be plenty of volunteers on hand to ensure his success.

Jim’s Advice for Aspiring Pyros
“Join a pyro club even if you have to drive a couple of hours to go to events.  Everyone in my KCAP club is willing to share how to shoot fireworks in the safest way possible.  A club helps you gain access, knowledge and experience to help you in your own personal journey.”