Tim Traphagan

Meet the Makers
Tim’s “sit right back and enjoy the view” approach is your personal invitation to one enchanted evening…and one glorious show.

Tim Traphagan
Lanesville, Indiana

Tim’s Story
His tale reads like a true pyro-loving boy who caught the fever at a very young age (fireworks were illegal in Indiana, but that didn’t stop Tim and his Dad from engaging in the blaze.)   Tim’s first big show was in 2008 to commemorate his brother returning from the Army.  After that, his love for the blast exploded.

Tim is a full-time pyrotechnician for Casabella Pyrotechnics ( who works night and day to cast his spell on a captivated crowd.  A staple at the Sky Wars scene, Tim helped at a friend’s 2014 show, produced his first Pro-Am show in 2015 (and won!), participated in the 2018 “Championship of Champions” (this only happens every four years and features the event’s last three winners), and last year brought the boom-boom-boom to the competition.  

Tim’s Favorite Fireworks Childhood Memory
Tim described his earliest fireworks “adventure” as a togetherness-fest with both his family and neighborhood family friends.  Their annual trek consisted of watching the Fourth of July show – shot off the top of a downtown office building – from a parking lot after a day filled with grilling and chilling with dozens of his next-door neighbors.  He fondly remembers the decade-long tradition that began when he was just six years old.

Tim’s Pyromusical Musical Selection
A little bit of this, a little bit of that—Tim is going to mix up the music with different genres to “please the crowd and appeal to all.”  He admits he loves all kinds of music ranging from rap to rock, even listening to some golden oldies like his shared love of Neil Diamond with his Dad.

Tim’s Best Sky Wars Memory
His Indianapolis friends raved about the event but, when it came time to attending in 2013, they all backed out for one reason or another.  Tim still opted to attend and was welcomed with open arms by the pyro community.  He didn’t work at that show; he just enjoyed the view that “opened my eyes to the kind of talent that was at the event, kickstarting my passion and my support for Sky Wars.”  

Tim’s Three Words That Describe His 2021 Show
Wait and see.

The Emotion Tim Wants His Sky Wars Fans To Feel After Watching His Show

Tim shares some bang-boom-pow drone footage from his 2021 Fourth of July show in Owensboro, Kentucky: