Mike Allen

Meet the Makers
Fireworks are a family affair for Mike, a backyard hobbyist who is lucky (he won Sky Wars VIP tickets), talented (he earned first place at MOPyro’s exclusive Blind Pyro competition), and one heck of a wonderful grandpa (or “BoomPa” in reference to the fiery flames that captivate his world.)

Mike Allen
Glasgow, Kentucky

Mike’s Story
The pyro bug hit Mike hard later in life after he married. His Fourth of July celebrations started with shooting fireworks from the back of his truck and grew into a full-out frenzy on his farm.

Then life happened and, as his daughter got older, his family opted to focus their funds on 12 years of Disney passes. Mike’s passion for fireworks never died. It was just placed on hold until his daughter made a simple request: that Mike create a once-in-a-lifetime fireworks show for her wedding.

Mike was all in, even purchasing a way-cool firing system with a go big or go home feel. From there things became more intense, particularly during the pandemic when his large family hunkered down with weekend staycations that ended with their very own crafted pyromusicals. According to Mike, he and his family do it all – from selecting soundtracks to wiring – and do it well…together.

Mike’s Favorite Fireworks Memory
Mike’s connection to Sky Wars runs deep. He won VIP tickets in 2020 but traded them in for a hands-on pyrotechnician weekend experience with MOPyro, the nonprofit creators of Sky Wars. Hanging side by side with his fellow fireworks fanatics was just the ticket to rekindling his true love. Mike returned to Sky Wars and MOPyro’s weekend-long festivities in 2021…and won top honors in the Blind Pyro* competition.

*Blind Pyro is a pyrotechnicians-only event—a “Chopped”-like experience—that takes place the night before the big Sky Wars show. Four teams receive a stash of fireworks (five to 10 cases) at 3 p.m. and, by 7 p.m., they shoot a full five-minute pyromusical on a 300-foot wide by 10-foot-deep field. It’s both a nail biter and a great time!

Mike’s 2022 Show
While his show is still on the drawing board, Mike shares that his pyromusical will have the Sky Wars audience feeling all the feels. He “spends way too much time picking out the music” but guarantees the results will be worth it. Mike is determined to emotionally connect with the audience so they will remember his creation.

Mike is bringing a secret sauce to his competition debut: his pyro crew of six family members. He is counting on family from his home state of Kentucky and his birthplace state of Missouri to attend Sky Wars and cheer them on. 

Mike’s #1 Fireworks Signature Move
He highlights single shot effects with comets and mines to capture the crowd’s attention. Mike likes to use a long run of these effects with multiple angles to fill the sky in just a matter of seconds. 

Mike’s Three Words That Describe His 2022 Show
Powerful, motivational, and energizing.

Take a peek at the very special show Mike (aka “BoomPa”) created last year to reveal the gender of his first grandbaby.